Edition Nikolai Vogel »Große ungeordnete Aufzählung (Detail)« 2

Nikolai Vogel's text »Large Unordered Sequence« is being written continuously, and details out of it are published in different places: In books, magazines, but also art installations and acoustic settings. The »Large Unordered Sequence« is an inventory of our world which wanders around and finds itself again in the most varying details. It changes between subject and object, poetry and prose, literature and sculpture, original and copy. The »Large Unordered Sequence« exists only in details. The whole is fiction.

Now one of the details is firstly published as an edition within Uli Aigners »One Million«-project – namely on porcelain, initially on ten dishes which can be purchased separately or all together. There are jars, bowls, a vase, a jug – their sizes are not too small, not too large, not too flat, not too deep, a kind of equilibrium of forms and possibilities. And also the demands of a two people household can be covered only with those ten dishes and their many possible uses. Two plates are added as an own extra detail and complete the dozen. Pieces you live with, you view them, take them in your hands, move them and place them on your lips – and here after all also as literature which is open and provides our imagination with enough space for insertions, exemplifications and ones own experiences.

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