Edition Soundvessel - Items by KP Werani

In the ONE MILLION project, I create individualized, chronologically numbered hand-turned porcelain vessels for eating and drinking. Each of the unique pieces is preceded by an encounter, a conversation with a person for whom I make individualized vessels. The location of each ONE MILLION vessel is recorded on a digital world map. Porcelain is a storage medium.

In the ONE MILLION - Soundvessel project, I work with a wide variety of music producers on sound pieces produced exclusively for this project. A QR code leading to a link is burned into a ONE MILLION porcelain vessel that I design together with the musicians. You scan these QR codes with your smartphone. Ideally, the pieces of music can be heard via earpods and headphones.

The ONE MILLION Soundvessels are everyday eating and drinking vessels. And they also function as an exclusive storage medium for special music.

The first ONE MILLION Soundvessel Edition was created with the musician and composer for new music KP WERANI from Munich. ITEMS, the piece of music he composed for this edition, was premiered on January 15, 2023 in the Neues Museum Berlin as part of the exhibition THE PORCELAIN CODE – ONE MILLION BY ULI AIGNER.