Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Vienna
Uli Aigner @ Two Weeks

Georg Folian invites
to the opening of the solo exhibition Two Weeks by Uli Aigner

opening: 19 APRIL 2018, 7pm
exhibition: 20 APRIL - 2 MAY 2018
location: Lehargasse 6, 1060 Vienna

opening speech: Robert Punkenhofer,
artistic director Vienna Art Week,
Founder ART&IDEA

Presentation of the new book „ULI AIGNER“

Exhibition concept: Uli Aigner and Katharina Hofmann-Sewera
Film: Michal Kosakowski
Music: KP Werani


Two weeks. A limited, very short time in the context of today’s fast-paced, highly competitive, attention-hungry exhibition scene. Two weeks that must therefore be preceded by intense preparations to make optimal use of them. Uli Aigner addresses these conditions that were the framework of our series wir zeigen in the title of her solo exhibition, for which she has been creating numerous new works since autumn 2017.

Moreover, the exhibition catalogue marks the first time that the artist gives a comprehensive overview of the production and dissemination of the porcelain vessels in her project One Million. Another premiere in this, now seventh, solo exhibition in the framework of the project initiated by Georg Folian, is that it features a film. The fact that she has been living and working abroad for more than twenty years (from 2000 onward in Munich and since 2011 in Berlin) and has therefore shown only portions of her work in Austria over in recent years.

We are certain that this approach will resonate greatly with visitors in the two weeks her solo exhibition is on view at the Semperdepot and that these two weeks and this book will have a lasting effect. There are already positive signals from the Austrian Cultural Forum New York for autumn 2018 and Belvedere for 2019.

Introduction by Katharina Hofmann-Sewera

Drawings by Uli Aigner / 2018

EPHEMERA - Uli Aigner by Michal Kosakowski

Director, Concept, Editor, Producer: Michal Kosakowski
Music: KP Werani

This experimental film by the director Michal Kosakowski with music by KP Werani presents Uli Aigner's work throughout the years and illustrates contexts, developments, and affinities to other artistic media, above all music. Aigner's work is distinguished by such interconnections within the various artistic media in combination with the artisan virtuosity that is so characteristic of the artist herself. Her art is always a proposal to the audience to enter a dialogue: to grasp the universal social aspect of her projects, drawings, and installations, to feel the intensity of her work, to get involved.

Text by Katharina Hofmann-Sewera

Publication 'Uli Aigner'

Gerhild Stangl and Katharina Hofmann-Sewera (ed.)
Texts by Boris Manner and Katharina Hofmann-Sewera and a conversation between the artist and Heinz Schütz German / English, 96 pages, 20 × 28 cm, numerous color illustrations, softcover
April 2018 / ISBN 978-3-903172-21-0

The sixth retrospective organized by the project wir zeigen is dedicated to Uli Aigner. Uli Aigner’s art is a proposal to the view to enter into a dialogue with her works and projects and to become immersed in the universal social space the artist opens. This extensive social claim makes itself explicit in the work One Million, in which the artist has set out to produce one million porcelain vessels and distribute them around the globe—a claim that seems to reduce itself to absurdity from the get-go. How could a single person produce so many objects in her limited lifetime? But suddenly we have clear sight on the possibilities of meaningful symbolic work in an open future. Aigner also confronts viewers with the partly oversize colored-crayon drawings of the series Open Shape, which depict distorted vases that often defy the laws of geometry and whose surfaces feature ornamental forms and daring color combinations. “Actually doing something, working with my hands—that’s what informs my thinking. So, I draw to diversify my technical skills.” – Uli Aigner