FROM: April 19, 2021

Location: Bussardsteig 9, 14195 Berlin

Uli Aigner continues her special Brutalism edition. The edition is inspired by the Brutalist architect Werner Düttmann, and 4 unique collections based on 4 different Düttmann buildings across Berlin. This is the second part that is exclusive to Brücke Museum.

Uli Aigner translates an essential aspect of the architectural style called Brutalism into the material porcelain: from a mineral compound similar to cement, porcelain, she throws quick raw forms for human use. Uli Aigner derives vessel cross-sections from construction plans of 4 Düttmann buildings in Berlin.

Düttmann's buildings, interior designs and furniture take measure of the human body. The ONE MILLION dinnerware from the Edition Brutalism establishes a relationship between one's own body and the Düttmann architecture. The vessels are numbered chronologically and are part of Uli Aigner's ONE MILLION project, an overall project designed to last her lifetime.

Free thrown, still unfired porcelain vessels