Opening: October 22, 2022, 7pm
Exhibtion: October 22 - Novermber 20, 2022

Location: EIGENHEIM Weimar, Asbachstra├če 1, 99423 Weimar

-> www.galerie-eigenheim.de

"Materialize it" deals with the versatility of materials in art and the different manual processing options. Similar to a cabinet exhibition, diverse positions are brought together, which are characterized by special materiality and craftsmanship or have the material itself as the content of the artistic examination. Whether stone, clay, wood, metal, glass, plastic or oil on canvas - the material is the fundamental starting point of almost every artistic process and every artistic research. The natural material properties often provide the framework for artistic work and have always challenged and inspired artists. Graceful, soft and individual like marble, brittle and mysterious like glass or versatile and lively like wood. The title and thus also the exhibition "Materialize it" starts precisely with this richness of materials and possibilities of processing - after all, the translation of Materialize is in addition to materializing, i.e. something that previously only existed ideally, in To depict matter, also to realize the words and put them into practice. A fitting play on words for influencing and changing natural raw materials as part of the artistic creation process consisting of a triad between material, intellectual achievement and manual practice.

For various reasons, it is particularly exciting today to take a look at current artistic productions, taking into account the material and the manufacturing method, since this is undergoing a comprehensive upheaval due to the development of new technologies and materials. When considering 3D printing with plastic, ceramic or concrete, woodworking using laser technology or CNC milled metal, the possibilities for artists seem richer than ever. On the other hand, possibly as a reaction to these new technologies and materials, a turn towards traditional handicraft techniques can be observed in contemporary art production. It is woven, carved, hewn or cast.