Opening: June 17, 2021, 4-7 pm
Exhibition: June 17-19, 2021

Location: Geranienhaus, SchloƟ Nymphenburg 41, 80638 Munich


What does it mean for us to live and work as artists today? What conditions and prerequisites are necessary? Do we want to continue to submit to outside accolades or invent our own system? Do we manage to find our position without ranking? Do subsidies fundamentally nullify an idiosyncratic art landscape, and without subsidies, does the market reign alone? Do we want to evaluate and award solidarity-based achievements at all?

The content-related focus of each trophy is chosen by the artists themselves, resulting in trophies with the most diverse dedications or determinations as well as non-determinations. For each trophy there is a text that is presented together with the trophy for contextual localization. The cups will be raffled off to sponsors, who will take on idealistic and monetary responsibility for one year and, as multipliers, will carry on the respective topic of the cup and expand the K&K network.

Item 3046 was displayed as part of the exhibition, engraved with the name Berta Pappenheim.
The item belongs to Edition WOMEN.NOW.

Bertha Pappenheim (born February 27, 1859 in Vienna; died May 28, 1936 in Neu-Isenburg) was an Austrian-German women's rights activist. She was the founder of the Jewish Women's Association as well as the Neu-Isenburg girls' hostel. She also became known as the patient Anna O. The case history published by Josef Breuer together with Sigmund Freud in the Studies on Hysteria was for Freud the starting point for the development of his theory of hysteria and thus of psychoanalysis.