Opening: November 10, 2023, 6 pm
Exhibition: November 10 - December 5, 2023
Tue-Fri 2-7 pm, Sat 10-2 pm

Location: Vienna Gallery, 1180 Schulgasse 40/Ecke Martinstrasse, Vienna, Austria

Curator: Titanilla Eisenhart


Uli aigner will present some ONE MILLION items as part of an all female group exhibition, JA! JUST ART! at Vienna Gallery.

Artist Talk (10.11.): Maria Legat, Astrid Rusch, Frenzi Rigling, and Titanilla Eisenhart.


YES! means JUST ART! JUST FEMALE ARTISTS! YES! is an exhibition of 25 positions from four generations of mostly internationally active women artists. Positions that have inspired or known each other, rarely supported, because that is a weak leg of feminism, the alliance of women - non-existent. Thus, with the format JA! JUST ART! JUST FEMALE ARTISTS! I created a pleasant idea, a certain fiction, an inspiring togetherness of high quality art.

JOOS was the first woman to have a personale at the Secession Vienna, in 1958, so it took 60 years for the progressive modern gentlemen artists to give the main space to a woman. HERZELE was praised in her younger years for her masculine stroke, which probably meant the highest praise of a female painter by a critic in the 50s. I was not believed my authorship of the large-format LADIES PICTURES or ME PICTURES as I called them, back in the early 90s the artist who paints naked women had to be an older man with a belly and fat hair. At that time already grew the decision to eventually make a YES! ABRAMOVIÇ, DEGENHARDT, EXPORT, ONO, SAMSONOW, SCHELLANDER can be highlighted as performing artists. IANNONE shocked the men's world with her funny feminist porn and is now curiously rediscovered even after her death. AIGNER and ALLMAYER-BECK show different vessels made of ceramics - the vessel, an ancient synonym of the female. Furthermore, female attitudes can be found in the cut-outs and textile paintings of EISENHART, HAHNENKAMP, HERZELE and RIGLING.

JA! was already shown with great success in July and August of this year at the ALTEN MESNERHAUS AUSSERTEUCHEN - here now for the first time in Vienna, in a slightly adapted form.

JA! now offers the rare opportunity here in Währing to experience the concentrated power of female positions united in one show. This happens rarely enough. It is important to enjoy the art, to (re)discover it for oneself, to feel the interaction of the works, to read out the contrasts as well as the commonalities, to uphold the ambitions of the female artists, to break up rigid social structures, more or less sensitive or aggressive elements condition the encrustation to loosen.

- Titanilla Iron Hard