Dauer: June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2022

Location: WIRWIR, Stuttgarter Str. 56, 12059 Berlin


Back in 2015, Adrian and April met the Austrian artist Uli Aigner. They invited her to participate in SONNTAG which she did in 2016. She showed the first 250 vessels from her (then) new project EINE MILLION. The premise of the project was to make one million ceramic vessels for the rest of her life.
We were thrilled to work with her and she was equally happy to have a chance to show the new project in Berlin for the first time.

Since then, conversations, collaborations, apple strudels and much more have been shared. After telling Uli about WIRWIR she offered to lend WIRWIR her project TERRITORIAL CLAIM for a year.

TERRITORIAL CLAIM is a project within EINE MILLION created in 2016 - it includes 206 vessels of all shapes and sizes. Every vessel has a country written on it and every country is a member state of the United Nations.

Uli Aigner and Michal Kosakowski have entrusted WIRWIR with the project for the next year.