Date: April 6, 2022

Location: Online


"We have had some beautiful porcelain essentials in our living room for a few weeks. I always find it impressive how objects evoke memories in me. In my memories from my childhood, a lot happens with my grandparents. As a small child, porcelain was always a very present and valuable material for me. Wherever porcelain was nearby, football was not allowed to be played. Just a small careless movement could damage the precious good. Did I stick to it? Sometimes yes, but over time I learned how important porcelain was to my grandparents. Because porcelain brings stories with it. Since then I've always been on the lookout for porcelain items, that fit into my everyday life and become a part of it. For this reason, I am all the more pleased to present the exciting brand to you today ONE MILLION BY ULI AIGNER." - Oliver, Fashion Whisper

You can read more at www.fashionwhisper.com.