Opening: July 4, 2023, 7 pm
Exhibition: July 5 - October 25, 2023

Location: Austrian Cultural Forum, Stauffenbergstraße 1, 10785 Berlin

Curator: Sabine Fellner
Co-curator: Uli Aigner
Curatorial assistance: Laurenz Fellner

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-> Edition Meduses Nice

The multimedia exhibition in the Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin is part of an exhibition series that is shown in Austrian cultural forums in Europe and the USA. Artists from Austria and Germany take a stand on the effects of the Anthropocene, the increasing destruction, but also the growing threat to nature.

The artistic projects are partly created in interdisciplinary cooperation. It becomes clear that the artists not only formulate resistance, but also conceive encouraging strategies for a fundamental change of perspective in dialogue with one another and design hopeful visions for a new relationship between humans and nature, for a mindful, respectful treatment of our environment.

Because it takes the imagination of the arts in conjunction with the sciences to combine human dignity and the dignity of nature into a sustainable culture of life. In the spirit of the pioneer of ecological thinking Alexander von Humboldt, the founder of climatology, ecology and oceanography: "Nature must be felt." (Humboldt, A., Briefe. To Goethe, 1810)

- Text by Sabine Fellner

Flag 14 and ONE MILLION – Edition Meduses nice

Republic of Korea with Croatia , Republic of the Congo and Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Uli Aigner is convinced that "all populations are multinational organisms" and has been weaving the national flags of various countries into huge colored pencil drawings of fantastic plant and animal forms since 2019. “In my drawings I claim that nationhood is an obsolete system of order. The national state lies like a tattered garment over a planet that is destroying itself = renewing.” The ONE MILLION – Edition Meduses Nice also visualises that global solutions must be found across borders.


Kuwait with Cuba , Madagascar , and Maldives